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10 Bachelor Party Ideas as Clean as a New Pair of Socks

You are planning a bachelor party or guys’ night out and strippers cannot be part of it. Maybe the fiance has strictly forbidden it, maybe the groom is a changed man that has already left a life of debauchery behind him. Maybe the groom has never been to a strip club… Actually, if that’s the case stop reading this article and take him to a strip club. But if he’s determined to keep it PG, these clean bachelor party ideas will give you a good start to planning a great guys weekend. 

While many believe naked women are a necessity for a testosterone packed get-together, there are plenty of ‘clean’ ways to have a bachelor party for the ages. Here are ten ideas for clean bachelor parties that the groom will never forget.

1. Build or Make Something

Build something together that can serve as a gift to the groom’s new family like a bookcase, coffee table or backyard fire pit. If you are avid builders take on the tasks of a multi-day building project like a boat.

Likewise, you can get together and brew a batch of beer. Note that it will take a few months to ferment so you can plan a post-wedding beer opening.

2. Fight

Fight each other, it’s fun. Find a Mixed Martial Arts gym and instructor that will teach a private bachelor party for two hours. Get a killer workout, learn to properly throw a punch and if possible have some sparring in the end. Make sure someone captures the sparring on film, you will not want to forget which of your friends can and cannot take a punch.  

Clean bachelor party idea

Even though it’s his bachelor party, there’s no need to let the groom win.

3. Pub Crawl

This is the national pastime of England. Basically, the group walks, takes a subway or Uber from bar to bar until the bouncers stop letting you in. Yes, we know this is typical, but – with the right group of guys – still a heck of a good time. Get creative and have the group wear uniforms, a matching theme, or at least coordinated socks. Incorporate some games into the night like this.

4. Race a Sports Car

If the main man is a car enthusiast take him to drive a sports car. At Cloud 9 Living you can find tracks where you can race sports or stock cars. Those who do not want (or cannot afford) to drive can still have fun watching the groom take his first corner at 120mph. This clean bachelor party offers a rush no strip club can match. 


A no brainer if the group or groom is in to cars. A creative, clean bachelor party activity

5. Watch Movies

This one is definitely a cheap, easy and clean bachelor party. Is the groom a big Sci-Fi man? Have an Aliens Marathon. Is he nostalgic for the 80’s, Back to the Future. Stock the house with beer and good food. Design some drinking games around the movies such as taking a drink every time Professor Brown utters, “Great Scott!” Better yet, if you have a projector, find a good outdoor spot and have you movie marathon there. Simple and easy activities can be a quiet adventure and unforgettable. 

6. Fish

Do this if the groom is already into it, not because you are hungry for trout. Take a weekend fishing trip to Montana or just drive a few hours outside your city for a change of pace and different fishing spot. You can also charter a half or full day boat for some deep-sea fishing. Spend that night cooking up your catch and eating under a clear sky. 


Fishing and bro bonding go together like burgers and beer

7. Gamble

Again, ‘clean’ means no strippers, we didn’t say anything about other vices. Gambling does not only include losing your money at the local casino (which can make for a great party) but can include a trip to the horse races, poker party at someone’s house, betting on a sports game or even sitting outside of a gas station and betting on what tank number the next car will pull into. It’s all fun.

8. Pamper Yourselves

Take a note from bachelorette parties: get a massage, sit in a hot tub, and pamper yourself. Try a strait razor shave – the dude version of a facial. This clean bachelor party idea will leave you feeling good and up for a night out.


A nice strait razor shave works for a bachelor party or a simple guy’s night out

9. Go to a Concert

This can be a local band at a local bar or a concert at a sports arena with tailgating beforehand. A bachelor party is a great opportunity to take the groom to see a group he has always wanted to see or to revisit an old favorite.


Treat your friend to a performance by his favorite band

10. Burlesque

Technically, these aren’t strip clubs. Burlesque is an art combining theater, song, dance, comedy and yes, stripping but not the kind you are thinking of. Burlesque dancers are body positive, artistic women more concerned with putting on an entertaining show than getting a tip to help put them through nursing school.  

For more ideas and details on how to plan these parties check out Weekend Fellas Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Bachelor Party.