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10 Rules for Planning a Bachelor Party

At its core, a bachelor party is a calling of the groom’s most trusted companions to create lifelong memories of his final days as a bachelor. Far too many best men and planners put little thought into planning this once in a lifetime event. Understanding these 10 bachelor party rules is your first step in putting on an event to remember.


1. Have a Plan. (1)
Let’s face it, guys can be bad planners. How often have you encountered a male wedding planner? I have been on countless bachelor parties where the best man’s thinking ran along these lines: “I’ll get a bunch of the guys together, stack the fridge with Budweiser, maybe hit up some strip clubs, it will be awesome!” But, it wasn’t awesome. These poorly planned parties do not offer the groom a unique experience, incur unnecessary cost and often end at a strip club where the dancers steal your wallet. A planned out party will move smoothly and ensure the groom has a party to remember.

2. The Bachelor Party is About the Groom, Not You.

This may seem obvious and is the most important bachelor party rule on this list. I have seen plenty of parties where the planner did not consider what would make the honoree happy. Invite the groom’s friends, not your own. Plan an activity you know the groom enjoys or has always wanted to try. Don’t spend the whole night trying to pick up women. And, if you can muster some sentimentality, tell the groom how much you appreciate him.


3. Know Your Groom.
The groom asked you to be his best man so of course you know him but take some time to really think about what he would like. Is he a people-pleaser requesting to do something he thinks the whole group will like? Remind him it is about him and he should be selfish. Is he too conscientious to ask for something pricey? If what you think he would love costs money then make it work. He may turn down a strip club because there are Mormons in the group, they can wait for you at Denny’s. This event shows the groom how much he means to you as he goes off to start his family. It will only happen one time – make it count.

4. Consider Your Crowd.

Again, this event is for the groom but you also need to consider the crowd. If you take a group of men backpacking for 3 days whose only experience with nature has been mowing their lawn, the trip may end up being a litany of blisters and complaints about going number 2 in a hole. Balance the needs of the groom with his friends. 

5. Have a Co-Planner. (2)
Co-plan with your closest friend among the party goers. This not only divides the workload but provides a system of checks and balances.

6. Send Out Invitations (With RSVP Request) Early.

Send out invitations at least 2 months in advance. Also on the tops of any bachelor party rules is planning. People’s schedules are busy and they will want to get this event on their calendars. Have guests RSVP at least 1 month before the party.

bachelor party rules number 7
Take it slow, opt for the lager over the IPA, at least in the beginning of the party. After all, you need to make sure everything goes as planned. The groom needs to have a good time, but keep him out of jail and the emergency room.

8. Don’t Let the Groom Do Anything Stupid.

This is the grooms night to let loose and have a great time. That being said he has decided to get married and is ready to leave debauchery behind him. Don’t let him go to the altar with anything on his conscious. This is not only one of the top bachelor party rules, but rules for a good friendship. 

bachelor party rules
With any event involving a large number of people, money can get tricky. In short, collect money before the event and settle debts after. The groom does not need to see his friends bickering over money. And in case it is not obvious, the groom does not pay a cent for this party.

10. Use This as a Time to Show Your Friend That You Support Him in his Upcoming Transition.

The groom has made one of the most important decisions of his life. He has asked you to be a part of it showing that he values and trusts you immensely. This is a great opportunity to share with him how much he means to you.