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Bachelor Parties That Give Back

If your groom is the type of guy that likes to give back, then plan a bachelor party for charity. If you are picturing a day filled with ten guys picking up cigarette butts on the beach you are not thinking outside of the box. Combining fun and philanthropy is not as hard as you might think. Keep reading for ideas that are fun, memorable and give back.


Walk a Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend but they are never invited to the bachelor party. In addition, animal shelters are filled with dogs looking for a friend to walk them. Imagine spending a few hours with your closest friends taking some grateful dogs walking to the park. The best part, dogs get you all sorts of attention from women.

Walk man's best friend with some of your best friends.

Walk man’s best friend with some of your best friends.

Plant a Tree

The only thing manlier than chopping down a tree is planting one. Join a tree planting event or plan your own. Plant two trees together and dedicate them to the bride and groom. Check out the Arbor Day Foundation for help planning your event.

Charity Run

The options for running are limitless. So, if there is a charity or cause the groom is passionate about start by looking into runs that will support that. Go here to search for runs in your area or make it a destination run. Race registration fees vary but average around $30.

Most runs offer the choice of a 5K (3 miles) 10K (6 miles), half marathon (13 miles) or the full marathon (26 miles). Choose a distance that will be comfortable for your group. Furthermore, get extra time with your friend leading up to the wedding by going on training runs.

Your group may also want to raise money together for the charity by getting sponsorships. Throw a fundraiser party leading up to the event. Your party gets extra credit if everyone in the group wears a matching t-shirt on race day that says something like “Paul’s Bachelor Run.”

Sweat bands, sore feet and a free t-shirt are not all charity runs are about. Many are creative fun events. I have listed some of my favorites below.

Mud Run

Run, crawl and climb through mud keeping that cold beer at the finish line in mind. These obstacle course races have sprouted up throughout the country raising money for a variety of causes. Many guys show up to these in speedos, so plan accordingly.

Color Run

Start out wearing all white and be covered in color by the end of this 5K run. While you run, race volunteers line the race course hurling color dye packets at runners along the way. The after party looks like something out of My Little Pony

Zombie Run

Run from zombies and party afterwards like it’s the end of the world. These themed runs are a lot of fun and can give you the option of having a bachelor party for charity

Marathon des Sables

You and your group are marathon runners and don’t need zombies to get your asses moving. Challenge yourself to this six day 150 mile race through the Sahara Desert. Note that daytime temperatures can reach 110°F as you move through the desert with your supplies on your back. Good luck.

Bachelor Parties that Give Back

Get paint thrown at you while you raise money for charity.


More Bachelor Party for Charity Ideas

  • Poker tournament with proceeds going to a good cause.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or have a game night with underprivileged kids.
  • Collect money from the group and make a donation in honor of your friend’s bachelor party.