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Bachelor Party for Nerds

Does your friend enjoy debating the superiority of Hawkeye over Green Arrow more than talking about sports, girls, and cars? If you don’t share your friend’s geeky interests, then look at this list for bachelor party inspiration. Remember, when planning a bachelor party or birthday party for someone else, THE PARTY IS ABOUT THEM and activities they would enjoy. The bachelor party for nerds ideas below can be enjoyed by anyone.

Movie Marathon

Easy choices are Star Wars or Aliens. But know that you have plenty of options for a nerd movie marathon. Make sure to host this party in a house large enough to accommodate your group and have food and drink that ties into the theme of the movie marathon. For instance, Game of Thrones has their own beer. If you know a good baker then try making this Game of Thrones inspired Weirwood cake. Now that’s some delicious nerdiness right there! For extra credit buy or rent a projector and movie screen and show it outdoors.

bachelor party game of thrones cake

This Weirwood cake takes nerd inspired parties to the next level


Sword Fight

The day will come when another man insults your woman and you will have to challenge him to a sword duel. Taking a western martial arts or sword fighting class will help prepare the groom for this day. Do a local search for instructors in your area then inquire if they do private bachelor parties, most will be happy to accommodate you. Ask what they offer (medieval long sword, rapier, sword and shield, etc…) and the price for your entire party (around $200 for two hours). Even if you live your life never having to draw your sword, you will still benefit from the great time you will have at this class.


Video Game Tournament

I’m not talking about Mario Kart on a 12″ screen. Instead stock the house with different consoles, multiple TV’s, power splitters and booze. If you want to make this an old school bachelor party for nerds, find and use an old console for nostalgia’s sake. Design a tournament or some of your favorite games with prizes for the winners like Video game T-shirts and Game Boys. If the couch needs a break from you head out to a video game bar.

Video game tournaments make for great bachelor parties.

Video game tournaments make great bachelor parties.


Night on the Town

Yes, nerds can go out on the town in their own nerdy way. Buy or rent costumes (that is if you don’t already own a killer Thor one) and go live it up. Club Cosplay hosts costumed clubs throughout Southern California and is gaining more popularity. This is the penultimate for cosplay fans. You will have a night of drinking, dancing and flirting with sexy Twi’leks. This is a unique spin on the typical bachelor party uniforms or themed groomsmen outfits you might see in a bar or on the Vegas strip.


Too many people think a bachelor party for nerds will be too PG and not adult-friendly. Nerdlesque, a combination of burlesque, comic book, sci-fi and video game culture, proves that nerds can be sexy. These shows are gaining notoriety around the country offering high art strip tease, comedy, bawdy songs and women who make stormtroopers look hot. Devil’s Playground is my favorite, they are based out of Los Angeles and sometimes travel.


Nerdelesque proves nerds can be sexy.