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5 Bachelor Parties Under $50

You spent $100 buying the groom a juicer you know he will never use and another $100 for your tux rental (add $20 for the bow tie you know you will lose at the wedding). On top of that you need to plan a bachelor party, being a groomsman is expensive. Luckily you do not have to donate blood plasma to finance a great bachelor party. Check out these 5 ideas for cheap bachelor parties and be grateful you are not a bridesmaid.


Airbnb allows people to rent out their personal houses and apartments while they are away at rates often half that of hotels. It also comes with the added perk of having a kitchen that can save you on the cost of food. Reserve an apartment or house for your group for a night or weekend. If you live in a city head to the beach or mountains where you can stock up on drinks and food and enjoy the free outdoors for the weekend. Or, if you live outside the city rent a house in the central part of the nearest city and hit up some local dive bars.


At some point you stopped playing sports and switched to watching overpaid professionals play them. Buy a football, soccer ball or even frisbee and head to the park for a friendly game. Buy some prizes for the winners like these NFL bottle openers. After your epic game head back to someone’s house, order a pizza, open some beers and watch those overpaid professionals show you what you did wrong.


Hiking is completely free and a great way to spend the day with close friends. Unless your group is seasoned hikers opt for a casual trail over summiting a peak. 6 to 8 miles of flat terrain is doable for most men in moderate shape. Make sure to pack water and lots of food (beer does not count as food). Nothing tops of hiking like beer and pizza at your favorite local spot.


The best part about nature? It’s free.

House Party

Party like it’s 1999 and your parents are out of town for the weekend. To save money make it a BYOB. This party is geared toward co-ed bachelor parties and is a great way for guests of the wedding as well as the wedding party to get to know each other.


I know what you are thinking; strippers don’t make cheap bachelor parties. Here’s a hint, have you seen elderly people handing those pieces of paper to the cashier at the supermarket? Those are coupons and they exist for strip clubs too. Go to the website of the strip club you will be going to where you can almost always find coupons for free admission (they don’t really make their money off the $20 door price but off the bar and lap dances).

Once you are in for free cozy up to the stage and give out dollar bills to the dancers at the rate of $1 per dance. Make sure to buy the groom a few dances but you will have to resist if you want to stick to your budget. Sure, the girls will catch on to your game and give you dirty looks but you still have your pride, well… not really.


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