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Bachelor Party Thailand

What’s in This Thailand Guide?

  • Accommodations 
  • Transportation 
  • Timing –
  • Itineraries 
  • Budget Advice 
  • Food –
  • Off the beaten track 
  • Parties 

Bachelor Party Thailand: Coming Soon!


What makes you a bachelor party expert? Weekend Fellas is headed by two friends, Robert Paducci and Wes Cole. Between us we have planned 16 bachelor parties and been to over 50 that have spanned from week-long trips abroad to watching movies in someone’s living room. We have learned what does and does not work and learned the biggest lesson of all: have a plan!

What is different about this book from other guides? There are all sorts of Thailand guides out there but this is the only one specifically for Thailand. The itineraries and suggestions in this guide are suitable for a large group of rowdy, drunk, and gentlemanly guys.

What is different between this guide and information on your site? While the site is full of great planning tips and tricks, this guide will give you in-depth tips for a party specific to Thailand. You will get hotel, food, bar, party, and other recommendations for the ultimate Thailand bachelor party.

Is this guide available in print? No. It is only available as an e-book.

Are there coupons inside? There are not coupons inside but the book is full of tips for saving money.

If I have other questions can I contact you? Please do! You can contact us by email at robert@weekendfellas.com

Bachelor Party Thailand

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