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Bachelor Party Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been called Disneyland for Adults, The Entertainment Capital of the World, Sin City and The Ultimate Bachelor Party Destination. The city rises out of the desert like a modern-day Babylon. It tempts us with the possibility of hitting it big, flowing alcohol, stylish clubs, pool parties that would make Ancient Romans jealous, endless buffets, over-the-top entertainment and beautiful women.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Vegas was a family vacation spot. I remember my dad letting me pull the handle on a slot machine and the casino security guard quickly sending me to the ‘kids game room.’ That made me determined to go back. Over the years I would begin to visit Vegas regularly, often as part of a bachelor party and often as part of a bachelor party that I was hosting.

A Vegas bachelor party is not an original idea but your trip can be as unique as your group of friends, Vegas has a little bit of everything. In this guide I lay out the popular things to do as well as some not-so-well known tips and ideas. I also make sure that your Vegas bachelor party will be a home run on any budget. Whatever you do, don’t show up to Vegas without a plan, the city will eat you up. However, with the proper plan you will have a trip that will become legend.

What’s in This Las Vegas Guide?

  • Accommodations – Rather you are looking to play basketball in your hotel room or to find the right room at the right price, this guide has the hotel recommendation for you.
  • Transportation – Limos and taxis are just the start of the options to get around Vegas.
  • Timing – Learn how to plan your trip to find the best prices and weather.
  • Itineraries – Suggested itineraries for every personality and budget.
  • Budget Advice – Pointers on ways to save money on alcohol, events, and gambling with links to low-cost event tickets.
  • Food – The best places in Vegas to take a group of hungry men from the greatest buffets to best places to eat while catching a sports game.
  • Off the beaten track – Ideas for activities outside of the usual including shooting guns off of ATV’s in the desert.
  • Parties – The best bars, clubs and pool parties along with tricks to make sure you get inside.
  • Strip Clubs – Advice on the best strip clubs as well as the most affordable.
  • Around Vegas – Ways to extend your trip by visiting hot spots around the city including the Grand Canyon.

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What makes you a bachelor party expert? Weekend Fellas is headed by two friends, Robert Paducci and Wes Cole. Between us we have planned 16 bachelor parties and been to over 50 that have spanned from week-long trips abroad to watching movies in someone’s living room. We have learned what does and does not work and learned the biggest lesson of all: have a plan!

What is different about this book from other Vegas guides? While you can find all sorts of guides to Vegas this is the only one specifically for bachelor parties. You will not have to wonder if the suggestions here can accommodate a group of drunk, hungry and (of course) gentlemanly guys. The book lays out specific bachelor party plans taking much of the planning off of your shoulders.

What is different between this guide and information on your site? While the site is full of great planning tips and tricks, this guide will give you in-depth tips for a party specific to Las Vegas. You will get hotel, food, bar, party, and other recommendations for the ultimate Vegas bachelor party.

Is this guide available in print? No. It is only available as an e-book.

Are there coupons inside? There are not coupons inside but the book is full of tips for saving money as well as links to discounted tickets.

If I have other questions can I contact you? Please do! You can contact us by email at robert@weekendfellas.com

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