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Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Bachelor Party
Let’s face it, guys aren’t the best planners. This book will walk you through planning an unforgettable bachelor party or weekend adventure. From the basics to pro-tips, we’ve covered it all and included 30 unique experiences for all personalities and budgets. With over 100 pages of unique as well as classic ideas, the activities and trips we lay out are appropriate for more than just a bachelor party.

 Don’t let your friend have a boring bachelor party

Have you experienced a group trip or vacation that was unplanned, disorganized, and generally a waste of time? A little bit of planning goes a long way in making even a typical night out a fun memorable experience. A bachelor party is a once in a lifetime experience that should be given the time and attention it deserves. Let us do some of the work for you with 30 planned bachelor party itineraries. In these 100 pages you will surely find the perfect bachelor party adventure for you and your group.

What’s in this Guide

  • Ideas for all occasions – The ideas and trips laid out in this guide can be used for any group activity or event.
  • Accommodations – Tons of suggestions on where to stay and which type of accommodation would be right for your group.
  • Transportation – Tips on deciding which type of transportation is right for your group and at an affordable rate.
  • Timing – Learn how to plan your trip to find the best prices and weather.
  • Itineraries – Suggested itineraries for every personality and budget.
  • Budget Advice – Pointers on ways to save money on alcohol, events, and hotels.
  • Food – Our 30 suggested bachelor parties have unique, fun, and cheap ideas for grub for your bachelor party.
  • Off the beaten track – When we say unforgettable, we mean it. We have classic bachelor party ideas as well as unique, once in a lifetime adventures.
  • Money – how to collect money from the bachelor party goers (except for the groom of course).

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What makes you a bachelor party expert? Weekend Fellas is headed by two friends, Robert Paducci and Wes Cole. Between us we have planned 16 bachelor parties and been to over 50 that have spanned from week-long trips abroad to watching movies in someone’s living room. We have learned what does and does not work and learned the biggest lesson of all: have a plan!

What is different about this book from other bachelor party guides? While you can find all sorts of articles on bachelor parities this is the only dedicated guide listing iteneraries, ideas, and advice.

What is different between this guide and information on your site? While the site is full of great planning tips and tricks, this guide gives you 30 different parties completely laid out.

Is this guide available in print? No. It is only available as an e-book.

Are there coupons inside? There are not coupons inside but the book is full of tips for saving money.

If I have other questions can I contact you? Please do! You can contact us by email at robert@weekendfellas.com

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