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Getting To, From, and Around Your Bachelor Party

Self-driving cars aren’t here yet but driving your own car is already an outdated way to get around your bachelor party. These ideas for bachelor party transportation will take off the stress of driving and let everyone join in the drinking.

Getting There and Back Home Again (In One Piece)

Car rental

A smart option for road trips and destination bachelor parties, renting cars is the most common form of bachelor party transportation. will automatically search car rental companies finding you the best price. Your friend only gets married once (maybe) – spring for the Lincoln over the Kia. You will need to be 25 years old for most car rental locations.


Having an RV allows you and your friends to drink while traveling. The miles will fly by as the group plays cards and games – two popular time-wasters. Sites like have a large selection of RVs for rent. Expect to pay $60 a day for a two person campervan and up to $200 per day for a large 7 person RV. Remember to factor gas into your budget. RVs get much lower gas mileage than you are used to, as low as 6 -15 miles per gallon. Check out this post for more details. 


If you are flying to your destination visit Priceline for deals on flights as well as hotels and cars. You might be surprised on how cheap some private charter flights can be. Start in the plane with some in-flight vodka bottles. Telling people you booked a private jet for your bachelor party transportation will make you a legend. Savvy travelers know how to get a private jet for the cost of a coach seat. Go to jetsuite and look at their ‘suitedeals’ section or try calling around to private jet companies and ask about any deals. If you do this last minute they are often willing to fill empty legs with very reasonable prices. 

A private jet might not be as far away as you think.

A private jet might not be as far away as you think.

Getting Around


Cruising around in a Limo is the top choice for classy bachelor parties. Expect to pay around $150 per hour. For this you get a private driver who will patiently play Candy Crush in the car while you eat prime rib. The best part: the law permits you to drink on the road. Some limo companies may have other options like Bentleys and Suburbans. If you want to really break the piggy bank, opt for a Ferrari Limo like the one pictured below. Go to Groundlink to book limos in most major cities.  

Party Bus or Shuttles 

These are a great option for larger groups. If you have the cash and the right crowd for it, you can hire a dancer and get a shuttle with a stripper pole. Pretty much every major city will have a host of options for you and your bachelor party.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, you should be familiar with ridesharing. Popular options include Uber and Lyft. Both of these work through a free app you download to your phone. You request a car via the app and it will usually arrive within five minutes. You exchange money with the app. Uber provides more options than Lyft such as larger cars so may be the better option for large parties. Lyft drivers are often more friendly while Uber more professional. If you are going to throw-up in the back of your drivers Honda Accord, ask them to pull over.

Public Transit

There ain’t no shame in taking the bus. Public transportation is an option that you should not rule out when thinking about bachelor party transportation. If you live in a city with efficient transportation it can be a great option for getting around. Subways and busses provide cheap, safe and stress free transportation around city centers where most of the bars, clubs and restaurants will be. If you are not a regular user of your cities public transit do a trial run so on the night of the party you are not that group holding up the line at the ticket machine.

Don't rule out public transportation too quickly for your bachelor party.

Don’t rule out public transportation too quickly for your bachelor party.