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Guys Weekend Classics: Camping

For the nature loving groom a camping bachelor party is the perfect way to recenter and bond with close friends before the wedding. If the thought of no cell service and sleeping on the ground leaves you overwhelmed don’t worry, use this guide to get you started.

Where to Go

America is full of campgrounds, there is probably several within an hour drive of you. Check for an interactive map of campsites across the country. KOA is the largest owner of private campgrounds in the country. These will be clean and well maintained, often with bathrooms with plumbing. They are typically family friendly so may not be the best for a rowdy group.

If you live near one or have time to travel you will not regret camping at any one of America’s National Parks. These are America’s treasures. They are typically popular so you should reserve camp sites as early as possible and be aware that you will need a pass that you can purchase at the park entrance. My personal favorite is Zion National Park in Utah. Get up early to beat the crowds and hike The Narrows.



Yosemite has world class hikes, great swimming holes, and places to grab a beer.

What to Bring

If you don’t already have equipment you can rent at many sporting good stores including REI. You will need a tent or tents to fit the group, sleeping bags, pillows and sleeping mats for each person. Bring flashlights, folding chairs, wood, newspaper and a lighter.

Camping does not mean you need to live off of berries and beef jerky. Bring a camping stove and ingredients for steak tacos and omelettes, make sure you remember basic kitchenware such as knife, cutting board and pot and frying pan.

And of course a large ice chest stocked with beer, bring more than you think you will need and don’t forget the bottle opener.

To summarize John Muir, “Take a hike.”

What to Do

Hike, swim, talk and drink (in that order).

Other Tips

Check what permits you might need before you go and make sure to get them.

Store food properly, this will vary depending where you are but if there is a bear box, use it, if not hang your food high in a tree. Storing food in the car is fine when not in bear country.

Be respectful of other campers. If you want to have a loud late night look into remote campsites that you will not be sharing with a Boy Scout Troop. And for everyone’s sake, leave the radio at home.

Bring coffee.

Check out some of our favorite national parks for more bachelor party camping trip ideas.