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Steak Like a Pro

Steak is the go-to bachelor party dinner. But, a classy steakhouse may be intimidating to the uninitiated. Read on and enter the steakhouse with confidence.

A Cut Above the Rest

Any cut, prepared properly, can be a thing of beauty. But, at a classy steakhouse you will typically encounter these more premium cuts:

Lots of marbling makes this cut one of the richest and juiciest of the cuts. You may also see it called Delmonico steak and Filet of ribeye

While not as tender as the ribeye, this one still goes down smooth with a buttery flavor. You will often see it sold as a New York Strip.

A cut taken from the back of the cow that is non-weight bearing, making this the most tender cut but also the least flavorful. You will usually see this sold as a Filet Mignon.

Two steaks in one. A combination of a strip and a tenderloin separated by a bone that looks like the letter ‘T.’ A porterhouse is basically a huge T-Bone.


Do’s and Don’ts in the Steakhouse
  • Wear something nice. This will vary based on your restaurant but a sports coat with chinos is a solid bet.
  • Order a cocktail when you sit down, I advise sticking with a whiskey-based one.
  • Order your steak medium rare and don’t listen to anyone who tells you a well done steak is acceptable.
  • Don’t ask for, use, or even mention steak sauce. This condiment was invented to mask poor quality steaks.
  • Order one or two sides with your steak.
  • Don’t order two potato sides, try something green.
  • Save money by purchasing the house wine. A nice steak house will have a sommelier that has hand-picked each wine ensuring there will not be a dud on the menu.
  • Don’t cut the entire steak up before starting the way your mom used to do for you. Cut one or two pieces at a time then eat them before cutting more.
  • Eat slowly! Most Heimlich maneuvers are performed in steak houses.