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Weekend Classics: Hunting

For many of us, the closest we come to hunting is trying to find our wife’s special salad dressing at Safeway. We wander the aisles with the woods and animals in our mind, calling. Consider hunting for your next bachelor party or guy’s weekend. You may end up sitting in the brush with your closest friends for five hours never pulling a trigger. Or, you can have an incredible story to tell of how you brought down a 12-point buck. I could not imagine a better way to spend a day then with your best friends on a bachelor party hunting trip. 

If you are an experienced hunter you know where to begin, skip to the ‘Experienced’ section. For those new to the sport the ‘Greenhorn’ section will help get you started. Whether your bachelor party hunting trip is full of pros or greenhorns, the guide below is a helpful guide for all experience levels.


Hunting season generally starts around November but if you are new to the sport there is much to do in preparation:

  • Learn to safely hunt by taking the usually required hunter safety course. This full day course can be partially done online. You will also find advice on how to hunt legally in your state.
  • You will need to purchase and familiarize yourself with your hunting weapon. Typically you will choose a rifle (.243 caliber or larger) for deer, boar and other large game and a shotgun for birds and small game, or challenge yourself and try bow hunting. After you have your weapon practice regularly at the range.
  • Research where you will go hunting. If you live in the country you probably already know a spot. Animals like to hang out on farms usually to the chagrin of farmers. Call or knock on the farmer’s door before the season starts and then politely ask if you can hunt on their land and specify the date. Assure them you will close all gates behind you and not shoot near any livestock. Offer part your kill to them.
Hunting starts with a trip to the shooting range to hone your skills.

Hunting starts with a trip to the shooting range to hone your skills.



For the already experienced huntsman this bachelor party would be a great opportunity to make that bachelor party hunting trip to Montana you always dreamed of. Stay in a nice lodge and spend two days hunting elks. See below for a link to unique hunting opportunities.



Bagging a 12-point buck is no easy task

Hunting with a Guide

This is a great option for those new to hunting or those looking for a traveling hunting experience. Guides will happily escort your group and most ensure you will find an animal. They will also handle the field dressing as well as send you to their local butcher for processing. Rates can be anywhere from $200 for a hog day hunt to $17,000 to hunt bears in Alaska for 12 days. Find a guide easily here and start your weekend adventure. 

Hunting Gear

No need to get too fancy or break the bank. This is especially true if it is your first hunting trip. An easy gear list for a dear hunt includes:

  • A good shooting rifle and ammo
  • Army camouflage
  • Boots
  • Hunting knife
  • Hunting license for your state

The total cost can be less than $700 if you find good deals.


Cover photo courtesy of AHume